Queen's School of Environmental Sciences and Studies
2018-2019 Departmental Student Council

Queen's School of Environmental Studies

Departmental Student Council

The following is a breakdown of what this year's ENSC DSC team hopes to accomplish during the 2018-2019 school year. Please feel free to check this page regularly as it will be updated throughout the year with the corresponding Facebook Events pages in order for you to find more information! If you have any suggestions, please visit our Contact Us page and send us your ideas to help make our events even better! We hope to see you there!

What to Look Forward to This Year!


  • Frosh Week
  • First Day of Fall Semester Classes
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Sustainability Week


  • Official First Meeting of the Year
  • Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Food Truck Fundraiser


  • Grad School Event with Profs
  • Department USATs Distribution
  • Fall Preview (high school students)
  • Tea with Profs
  • Last Day of Fall Semester Classes



  • Fall Semester Exams


  • Classes Start January 7


  • Reading Week
  • Clothing Sale
  • Grizzly Grill Social



  • Spring Preview
  • Potluck with Profs


  • Winter Semester Exams