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Meet Your Undergraduate Team!

2014-2015 Executive Team

Hey everyone!

We, Colleen Ivits and Amanda Little, are your Co-Presidents for the 2014-2015 year for the School of Environmental Science and Studies here at Queen's University. We are the executive members of the ENSC DSC team and we have been voted in by the student body in order to advocate for you as students. It is our mandate to continue to grow the ENSC department family and to foster a sense of community throughout the department. In order to achieve this, we organize and develop an array of social and academic events throughout the year in order to bring students and staff of the department together in a fun, and safe way. We advocate for the undergraduate students and represent YOU at all departmental, staff and DSC Assembly meetings in order to guarantee that your comments and concerns are heard. 

If you have feel uncomfortable voicing a concern or comment about an ENSC course, or other related concern, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page.

Colleen Ivits
2014/15 Co-President

Amanda Little
2014/15 Co-President

Colleen is currently in the middle of her third year of study here at Queen's University. She is majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in geography. 

Amanda is also working through her third year at Queen's University, studying Environmental Science with a specialization in toxicology. 

The Rest of the Team!

Monica Seidel Treasurer

Shelby Cunliffe 
Media and Advertising 

Danielle Tuori Academic Events

Caitlin Herckenrath Social Events

Kate Wiltse
Media and Advertising 

Sarah Ezzio 
Academic Events

Alissa D'Aurizio
Social Events

Suhaylah Sequeira 
Social Events

Samantha Mazza 
Social Events 

Larissa Thompson Media and Advertising 

Jenny Tran 
Academic Events

Kamila Pogoda 
Social Events

Coreena Rego 
Social Events